Seahorse Tide Right

Seahorse Tide Right

Seahorse Docking offers the only Adjustable Self-Leveling Docking System! The Seahorse Docking Tide Right includes an engineered and patented self-adjusting fender and cleat.

Just set the height of the fender to your boat’s rub rail and then let the built-in float and the tide do the rest. Your fender and cleat will always be right where you need it!

So, whether you come in at high or low tide, you can simply secure your boat while the system allows your boat to freely move through wind, tides and waves.   

Note: When choosing your beam please consider the following:

  • Our Y-Beam is for use when mounting on a wood (round) piling. 
  • Our I-Beam is for use when mounting on a flat surface, such as a sea wall. 
  • The standard beam length is 10 feet. If you need a larger size, please select that option.  
Regular price$1,599.00

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