Seahorse Floating Boarding Ladder

Seahorse Floating Boarding Ladder


Seahorse floating boarding ladder rides with the tide. The ladder is never in the water keeping it barnacle free. Top ladder rungs fold up for safe access during high tide. There is also a second swing down ladder for exiting the water.  
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Our floating boarding ladder moves up and down with changing water levels. Since the ladder is never in the water it stays barnacle free

With our patinated design rest assure that your boarding ladder will be safe and sturdy due to the 450lbs rated float keeping all mechanics out of the water. Our boarding ladder allows for safe boarding on to your vessel no matter the tide height or dock height.

During design we wanted to make sure that your safety was of our first concern. The swing up ladder rungs allows you to back down the ladder when it is over the height of your dock. There is no more climbing up and over the ladder or around it. Simply flip up the ladder rung and back down it.

To ensure that you receive the optimal product for your particular application and to minimize shipping costs please email or call us to order. Be sure to tell us that you are viewing our website.


  • Minimal movement float for safe boarding and un-boarding

  • The system can be mounted to a dock or seawall

  • Swing down ladder stays out of the water unless being used

  • Moves up and down with tide so it’s always the right height

  • Top ladder rungs fold up for safe entry and exit during high tide

  • All of the mechanics stay barnacle free

  • Great to swim off or dock safely