Rough Water Flex Slide - Direct Attachment

Rough Water Flex Slide - Direct Attachment

The Seahorse Docking's Flex Slide Dock Mount has a double rubber fender that connects to the I-beam or Y-Beam which allows for minimal stress on your floating dock! This Direct Mount can attach to Dock Block, Jet Dock, Float Brick, and CanDock.

Seahorse Docking's Flex Slide is designed to completely eliminate squeaking and all other obnoxious noises while allowing all floating docks to move on X, Y, and Z axis without failure compared to any hinge type bracket.  

We offer this in 2 applications: Heavy Duty and Rough Water. 

  • Heavy Duty is designed for heavier duty docks and rougher water. Capable of supporting docks with jet skis and boat lifts. 
  • Rough Water is designed for use in mainly rough water conditions with the capability to support heavy loads in all directions. 

Note: When choosing your beam please consider the following:

  • Our Y-Beam is for use when mounting on a wood (round) piling. 
  • Our I-Beam is for use when mounting on a flat surface, such as a sea wall
Regular price$625.00

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